Robyn' s Story

Robyn's Story

Flora ProActiv – how I lowered my cholesterol while enjoying a long life – Robyn's story.

I’m Robyn, and I am a mother, a grandmother, and a great grandmother. There’s so many magic moments to do with the children being here over all the years. Some of them I looked after from the time they were born, and now they’re young adults. There’s memories in every little nook and cranny of this house. The wall of the garage next to the pool, each child painted something on that wall. Everybody has a laugh about this particular octopus, or this particular fish, everybody says “don’t paint over the wall, that’s part of their childhood, it’s all of memories.” It brings tears to my eyes just to think about it.

I want to improve my health so that I can be around for all that family, keep on being around for them, because I love them so much. Nearly 12 months ago, I took on the Flora challenge and in 3 weeks I lost 13% of the total cholesterol in my blood. I’ve stayed on the ProActiv, my blood cholesterol gets tested all the time, and it stayed normal since. I’ve been able to welcome a new great grandson only a few months ago, and I hear on from the Flora challenge that I am still here to enjoy all these events. I’m going to stay around for a lot longer than I expected to, given my family history, I’m still here and I’m still having a lot of fun.