Cumin Sweet Potato Wedges with Sweet Chilli Sauce

Cumin Sweet Potato Wedges with Sweet Chilli Sauce

Cumin Sweet Potato Wedges with Sweet Chilli Sauce

Great cholesterol lowering side dish recipe to accompany any meal.

  • PREP TIME 5 min
  • COOK TIME 15 min


  • 1 small sweet potato, about 250 g
  • 1/2 cup / 125 ml salt-reduced chicken stock
  • 10 g / 2 tsp Flora Pro.Activ Buttery or original
  • 1/2 tsp cumin seeds
  • 1 tbsp sweet chilli sauce
  • 1 tbsp reduced-fat sour cream
  • 1 small red chilli, sliced, optional


  1. Peel and cut the sweet potato into 12 wedges.
  2. Place the stock in a non-stick frying pan, just large enough to fit all of the sweet potato. Place the sweet potato in a single layer in the pan, bring to the boil, reduce heat, cover and cook until the sweet potato is tender. Drain the sweet potato and wipe the pan dry.
  3. Heat Flora pro-activ in the pan over a medium-high heat; add the sweet potato and cumin and cook, carefully turning the wedges until golden brown. Cool for 3-5 minutes before serving.
  4. Serve with the dipping sauces, adding the chilli to the sour cream if desired.
  5. TIP-Try with Tzatziki for a different sauce.
Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information
Energy (kcal)158 kcal
Energy (kJ)658 kJ
Protein (g)2.4 g
Carbohydrate incl. fibre (g)27.3 g
Carbohydrate excl. fibre (g)23.9 g
Sugar (g)10.1 g
Fibre (g)3.4 g
Fat (g)4.6 g
Saturated fat (g)1.5 g
Unsaturated fat (g)2.9 g
Monounsaturated fat (g)0.4 g
Polyunsaturated fat (g)0.1 g
Trans fat (g)0.0 g
Cholesterol (mg)5 mg
Sodium (mg)404 mg
Salt (g)1.01 g
Vitamin A (IU)12966 IU
Vitamin C (mg)25.9 mg
Calcium (mg)45 mg
Iron (mg)1.07 mg
Potassium (mg)382 mg